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I have posted the general emails that I sent out to my group of prayer supporters while I was in Brazil. It is a journal of sorts and remains here as a reminder for me of what God has done in my life.

Email Subject Date Sent
In Brazil Thu, 09-20-2001
The first few days Sat, 09-22-2001
the next few days Mon, 09-24-2001
special request Wed, 09-26-2001
answer Thu, 09-27-2001
further goings on Mon, 10-01-2001
Adventure... Fri, 10-05-2001
Futebol Thu, 10-11-2001
Acampamento Tue, 10-16-2001
Awesome week Sat, 10-27-2001
Steady as she goes Sat, 11-03-2001
More of the same Sat, 11-10-2001
More progress Tue, 11-20-2001
Thankgiving at the beach Sun, 11-25-2001
Still running Sun, 12-09-2001
Christmas greetings Sat, 12-22-2001
Post Christmas greetings Sat, 12-29-2001
First weeks in São Paulo Thu, 01-10-2002
Year in review Thu, 01-17-2002
Still here Mon, 02-18-2002
Full speed ahead Tue, 04-02-2002
Road Trip Tue, 04-09-2002
Back in one piece Sat, 04-20-2002
Rolling Wed, 05-01-2002
Productive time Sun, 05-05-2002
Alive and well Mon, 06-17-2002
Pressing on toward the goal Thu, 08-22-2002
Firmly Rooted Wed, 10-09-2002
New Happenings Wed, 10-23-2002
Wrapping Up Thu, 12-12-2002
Final Word Fri, 12-27-2002